Healthcare in emerging regions is a significant challenge. Every country is different in view of their healthcare needs. Therefore we train medical doctors, nurses, paramedics and technicians around the Arab World.

Our medical online programmes are developed and delivered by world-renowned medical experts with a deep understanding of the skills and knowledge required of practitioners to succeed in the subject of choice. Our programmes prepare you for medical exams of different kinds. All courses are informed by the latest development in research and clinical practice.

Our online course INFECTIOUS DISEASES is back online now!

Thanks for all those who gave us their feedback on the course last year.

In coming months the exam will take place again and we realise that the weeks leading up to the exam take a lot of time.

Therefore, it is important to find the right strategy to make the best of your time.

The advantage of the online course is that you can work on your own schedule and according to your own learning rhythm.

We made some important changes: You can book the individual sections of the course separately for only $19. In order to make the complete course tasty, we offer a special price to all Residents.

At the end of the online course you will have an objective assessment of how far you have progressed with your exam preparation (selection of 270 original multiple choice questions).

If you answered more than 70% of the questions correctly, you can be quite sure passing the exam.

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